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Public Information
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Latest Circular
SnoFileUploaded DateValid Till
1 4th ORAL LIST JUNE-2018(REVISED) 21/Jun/2018 30/Jun/2018
2 4th ORAL LIST FOR JUNE-2018 FINAL 20/Jun/2018 30/Jun/2018
3 SIGNAL EXAM- JUNE 18 18/Jun/2018 27/Jun/2018
4 3RD ORAL LIST FOR JUN-2018(REVISED) 13/Jun/2018 25/Jun/2018
5 3RD ORAL LIST FOR JUNE-2018 11/Jun/2018 25/Jun/2018
6 DECK NOTICE- oral result 02/Aug/2017 01/Jan/2020
7 Notice_on_Photo_and_signatures_for_COC 11/May/2017 01/Jan/2020
8 NOTICE COC COLLECTION. 27/Apr/2016 31/Dec/2019
SnoFileUploaded DateValid Till
1 JUNE 2018 - ENGINE- ORALS 18/Jun/2018 19/Jul/2018
2 ETO AND NCV EXAMINATION 31/May/2018 01/Apr/2019
3 JPG 16/Mar/2018 01/Feb/2019
4 procedure to payment of various fees through Bharat Khosh 09/Oct/2017 09/Oct/2021
5 NT/ENG CIRCULAR 17/May/2017 17/Sep/2018
6 NOTICE 17/May/2017 17/Sep/2018
7 Prescribed form to be submitted for Survey / Inspection / Audit by the Shipping Companies. 02/May/2017 02/May/2022
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Technical News
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